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The Boo Radleys Signed Autograph MTVs Most Wanted Guest Book Page [MTVTBR]

The History: We have recently been lucky enough to come in contact with the most unique set of autographs I've witnessed in long, long time. We have nine guest books containing large pages which were used for the stars and music artists to sign when they appeared on the 1992-1995 show MTV's Most Wanted famously hosted by Ray Cokes. There are up two 50 autographs in each book which we are dissembling and selling separately. Unique: These are not what we would call normal autographs. Every autograph is the relevant persons 'full' autograph as well as being unusually large and bold. Many of the artists have signed with comical, strange and thankful inscriptions along with drawings, sketches and doodles which make the pages very unique, collectible and totally one of a kind. You are looking at now: This 9.5x13.5 (approx) page has been hand signed by 3 members of the former English rock group The Boo Radleys. Lead singer Sice Rowbottom has autographed along with the inscription 'lovs frum da eggman sice'. Steve Hewitt has autographed with a doodle and has added 'boo! up!'. An unknown member has simply wrote 'get hip with da funky monkey xx'.