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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Signed Autograph Presentation [4593943]

Book page beautifully hand signed extremely clear in black ink by the NBA's all-time highest scorer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, along with the inscription 'The journey begins'. The book page comes from the limited edition hardback version of Kareem's novel 'Mycroft Holmes' co-written by Anna Waterhouse. Only 500 of these special gold cover editions were signed and the book where the page was taken from comes with the item. The autographed book page has been professionally framed to museum standard along with a stunning 16x12 photo, plaque with the relevant details engraved and mounted in the famous Lakers colours of purple and gold along with the wording 'Kareem' electronically cut into the mount. Pictured in action against the Denver Nuggets performing his iconic 'Skyhook' shot, which made Kareem one of the deadliest scoring centres throughout his glorious 20 year NBA Career. Overall size 21x31 inches.