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Vinny Paz Signed Autograph Glove [0053225]

A red Everlast glove hand signed clearly in silver marker by Vinnie Paz. Who has also added The Pazmanian Devil 5x World Champ. Paz had 2 world championship titles under his belt when he broke his neck in a head on car crash in 1991. he wasn't expected to walk again, let alone return to the ring. However he ignored medical advice and while wearing a steel halo secured by four bolts screwed into his skull he secretly started working out. A year later the Pazmanian devil defied all the odds to beat Luis Santana over 12 nail biting rounds. The fight was considered the greatest comeback in boxing history. Professionally mounted with a colour celebration photo. Frame din a black frame with a plate engraved with the relevant details. The overall size is approx 20x24 inches.