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Muhammad Ali Signed Limited Edition Cel [4493344]

Warner Brothers special Hand painted Limited Edition Cel issued in 1997, titled Empty That Glove sold out edition. Limited Edition number 260/650 Float like a butterfly sting like a bee the Looney Toones are in the ring with Muhammad Ali. This dynamic image captures The Greatest Muhammad Ali Preparing for a bout with the heavyweight champion of cartoon comedy. That Oscar winning Rabbit Bugs Bunny Referee Yosemite Sam is admonishing the Wascally Wabbit (on Stilts!) to cease and desist with the age old gag and empty his glove of Contraband Muhammad Ali clearly in black ink. Comes with the original Warner Brothers Certificate of authenticity. Professionally mounted in a luxurious red velvet mount and framed in a plate frame with a gold inset. The overall size is approx 22x26 inches.